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Strategies Built with Data Science and a Focus on Technical SEO

About Our SEO Process

Every company is unique and has different needs when it comes to SEO. Our overarching SEO process was created with this in mind, which is why we place a heavy emphasis on research and strategy development. The result is that each and every one of our clients receives a well-researched and data-backed SEO campaign that is highly customized to meet their individual company’s needs.

The Core of Our SEO Services

    1. Creative Strategies Supported by Data Science
    2. Keen Understanding of Data & Analytics
    3. A Focus on Increasing Revenue
    4. Knowledge of Algorithm Updates & Trends
    5. Transparency and Client Communication


Independent SEO Audits

Already working with an SEO agency or consultant? Not sure if you are getting the results you should be? Our independent SEO Campaign Audits are completely confidential and will ensure that you are protected from under-performing and sub-optimal SEO campaigns.

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Our Commitment to Technical SEO

Our digital marketing consultants are passionate about technical SEO. While we certainly appreciate the importance of keyword selection and content optimization, updating meta information and page titles are only a small part of SEO. We specialize in technical SEO that is much more comprehensive and subsequently much more effective when it comes to getting results for your business. All of our SEO services are tailored to your company’s needs with a focus on resolving all the problem areas that are not only hindering your potential to rank well in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), but that are also limiting your ability to generate more conversions and increase revenue from organic search traffic.

Preliminary Research

Prior to developing your company’s SEO strategy, we take the time to research and analyze various aspects of your existing digital presence and competitive space with respect to online search. This includes a comprehensive technical SEO audit, which looks at your existing off page and on page SEO ranking factors and identifies problem areas that will need to be addressed in the campaign. In addition to the SEO audit, our consultants conduct comprehensive keyword research that identifies and compiles data for a treasure trove of valuable keywords specific to your business. The final step in our preliminary research process is to analyze your competitors through a competitive analysis that takes a deep dive into your competitors’ SEO strategies, identifying their strengths and weaknesses and uncovering additional opportunities that we can use to craft an exceptional campaign for your company.

Deliverables Included in This Phase:

  1. Technical SEO Audit
  2. Baseline Keyword Research
  3. Competitive Analysis
  4. Baseline SEO Report

Strategy Development & Campaign Setup

Every business is different and has their own unique value proposition, product(s), and service(s), which is why all of our SEO strategies are uniquely crafted for each individual client. Our digital marketing consultants carefully analyze all of the data that we aggregate in the preliminary research phase in order to develop a logical, effective, and results oriented SEO strategy for your company. In this phase we create a campaign road map that addresses all of the issues identified in the technical SEO audit and sets the overarching strategy for optimizing on page and off page elements in each of the areas of opportunity. In addition to the campaign road map, we build upon the baseline keyword research to determine a highly strategic and well thought out targeting strategy for a myriad of valuable keywords. The last steps that are a part of our strategy development process are to analyze and custom configure Google Analytics to ensure there is a foundation for proper tracking and reporting, and to provide the initial set of on page optimization recommendations along with any additional solutions to high priority issues as defined in the technical SEO audit.

Deliverables Included in This Phase:

  1. Campaign Road Map
  2. Keyword Selection & Targeting Strategy
  3. Reporting & Analytics Configuration
  4. Initial On Page Recommendations
  5. Additional Client Specific Recommendations

Optimization & Reporting

Once the campaign strategy is in place, we transition into the optimization and reporting phase of your SEO campaign. Our consultants will provide you with on and off page optimization recommendations, which aim at doing much more than simply improving your rankings – after all, our primary goal is to make you more money and help grow your business. Ranking highly for relevant and high value search queries are of course a part of that, but we are prepared to offer you a whole lot more including conversion rate optimization, content strategy, and an array of digital marketing solutions that can augment your existing strategies to maximize your Internet marketing ROI. What’s more, in order to keep you informed of the work we are doing, the results we are getting, and the next steps in your SEO campaign, we provide monthly SEO reports that include an executive summary, progress towards campaign key performance indicators (KPIs), and detailed data analysis with actionable insights.

Deliverables Included in This Phase:

  1. Continuous On Page Recommendations
  2. Monthly SEO Reports
  3. Content Optimization Recommendations
  4. Periodic Updates to Phase 1 – 2 Deliverables
  5. Additional Client Specific SEO Recommendations

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